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Updated config explanation

Discussion in 'Forum announcements and updates' started by Pean, Mar 3, 2017.

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  1. Pean

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    Mar 22, 2016
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    Hack customization are done through your config file. You can edit it either manually or using https://legitex.net/config/. If you want to edit your config files manually using text editor, download https://legitex.net/config.txt for explanations.
    Since all the customization is in detail explained at https://legitex.net/config/, this thread will only tell you what the features do in general.

    Allows you to see enemies through walls. LegitEx is using GlowESP which offers perfect enemy outline so you know where he is looking and where all the body parts are etc, there are two modes - regular one shows enemies at all times and their color is based off their health. Second mode is for less experienced hackers or in general for more legit wallhacking - it only shows enemies that are making noise which is pretty neat. Everything can be customized, if you want to disable for example friendly wallhack, set allies' thickness to 0, you can also only highlight visible players without seeing people through walls and so on.

    Pretty simple feature that shoots when enemy is in your crosshair, for rifles I would recommend using standalone RCS as well as overshoot time. This feature is mostly used for AWP, Deagle and everything that doesn't spray.

    Shows enemies on in-game radar. Useful when you need info about them but cannot turn around or look at walls. Gives great advantage and is very legit.

    Allows you to perfectly bunnyhop (jump in sequence with minimum time on ground). It is not used much in the pro scene anymore since bunnyhopping is not as good as it was in old CS games, however, it can still give you advantage when you need to cross dangerous angles or just need to get somewhere slightly faster.

    Skin and knife changer
    Allows you to pick your favorite skins and knives without having to pay for them, however, only you can see them.

    Allows you to modify how white will your screen be after you get flashed. You can completely remove the flash effect or only reduce it slightly so you can still see but know that you are still flashed.

    Has two modes, first beeps when enemy is close to you, second beeps when enemy is close to your crosshair. This is useful when you cannot use visuals for example on LANs or when someone can take screenshot of your monitor. LegitEx also allows you to change the beeping with custom actions - for example instead of disturbing beeping, you can set SoundESP to flash your keyboard LED light (num lock, scroll lock, caps lock) if you have those or even trigger custom in-game commands (swap position of gun, swap position of net_graph, slightly change radar scale, toggle crosshair dot on and off or any command you can normally run in CSGO console).

    Recoil control system (RCS)
    Helps you control gun recoil, you can set how much help you want up to a full norecoil. Using this along with aim greatly increases how powerful Aim is while spraying. This feature is not necessary to run along with Aim.

    Aim (Aimbot)
    Aims at enemies for you or helps you in doing so. Can be completely customized in any way you can imagine. Works great up close or even while spraying thanks to the unique Aura target selection system. Also uses dynamic target selector based on your weapon and enemy health to take people down fast without having obvious headshot ratio. We have custom aim settings for every weapon group.

    Silent aim (formerly known as pSilent) / Flick bot
    This feature is not for everyone. Has two modes which completely change how the feature behaves:

    Mode 1:
    Known as pSilent that has been patched some time ago. Basically, if enemy is in FOV range of your crosshair, it will isntantly move your crosshair to him (usually on head) and then back to it's old position but doing it so that it cannot be seen on your monitor or point of view demos, however it can be seen on Valve servers since they patched it and therefore it can be seen on Overwatch and get you in trouble. If you use FOV below 1.0, it is almost invisible to everyone but it is not recommended to use for legit matchmaking playing without knowing what you are doing.

    Mode 2:
    Simple flick bot. Main purpose of this mode is for one tapping and flicking with AWP/Deagle/Scout or other guns that have one shot kill potential. Basically, if enemy is in FOV range of your crosshair, it will instantly move the crosshair to him and shoot at the same time making it look like you flicked to him and shot. This is easier to use then regular Silent aim because you can see what it does and how everyone else sees it, therefore it can be used to make legit one taps or quick AWP flicks if you set up the FOV to reasonable values.

    Silent load
    Hides the client console and runs the process as background process. Process name is always same as file name you can mask it as any process in task manager. Useful when you want to hide the fact you are cheating.

    Sound notifications
    Beeps when you activate and deactivate toggle features (Wallhack, Radar, RCS, etc...). Also beeps when you exit the LegitEx client. Keeping you informed.

    FaceIt mode (serverside bypass)
    Bypasses FaceIt serverside anticheat (not client) for all features including bunnyhop and silent mode 2. This also bypasses SMAC and all known serverside anticheats that run on many competitive servers.

    LegitEx is in-game fully controlled by keybinds. If you don't want to use a feature you can permanently disable it without having keybind set and you can also permanently enable most features if you want to without having key assigned. For example you can have Wallhack and Radar active at all times. You can do this at our config editor by looking for Always on and Always off in the key lookup.

    Panic key
    Allows you to temporarily disable all features when someone is watching you or you need to leave PC on LAN for a few minutes and let someone else play. Once you press the panic key, all features will get disabled and only way to enable them is to open CSGO chat window or CSGO menu (Escape key), press Insert, which starts 2 second timer in which you have to quickly type in L->G->X. So basically you have to open CSGO menu, and quickly press Insert+L+G+X which is impossible to accidentally press and give away the fact you are cheating.

    Custom configs
    Config files are now fully customisable. You can either use config.txt as config name and it will always load instantly or if you don't have such file in the same folder as LegitEx exe, you will be asked for config name. You can have multiple config files and you can even rename the feature names and add comments and anything else into them as long as you keep very simple format:
    "anything" "=" "any amount of spaces" "integer value"

    For example, you can change:
    wallhack key (toggle)(A) = 117
    ESP = 117
    and everything will still work. You can also compress the settings like so:
    =value=value=value=value if you think that Valve would look for those files so for example the default configs' key section would look like this:
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