Tutorial: How to set up LegitEx after purchasing


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Mar 22, 2016
Hello, thanks for purchasing LegitEx!

After purchasing LegitEx, you will receive your unique build. Note that some antiviruses mark the file as a potential threat due to the protection LegitEx is using and can either delete the file, restrict its permission or close the game + the client. The best way to deal with this is to add the file to exclusions. Do not disable your antivirus. The files are safe to use and there is nothing to be worried about. Do not share the file with anyone!

1. Download HWID file: LegitEx HWID or LegitEx HWID (password: 123) or at the bottom of this thread (if you are having download issues, download the password protected file)

2. Run the HWID file, it will show you your HWID.

3. Copy this HWID and create a thread here: Get your key and paste in your HWID and wait for the key. You will get your key in less than 24 hours depending on when an admin is online (usually 1-5 hours) - please note that your subscription starts when you apply the key so you won't lose time by getting the key later. If you want your key as soon as possible, you can message me on Discord (Pean#7248) and if I am online I will give you the key immediately.

4. In the thread you made, you will receive a file and a license (name + key). Download the file into a folder where you will want to have the cheat, run it, fill in the Name and Key and hit Apply. While you wait for your key, you can do step 5. (Download config file and data file to the same folder where you will want to have the exe)

5. You should have a config.txt file in the same folder where your exe file is. I highly recommend downloading the default config from the bottom of this thread or HERE (right-clicking either the link or after opening the page and selecting the "Save as..." option). Make sure the config file is in .txt format. The keybinds are usually displayed at the top of the config file. You can adjust everything in the config file, you can message me for assistance on Discord (Pean#7248).

6. When CS:GO updates, check the front page of the forums for a thread on how to update LegitEx to the patch.

7. You should see "Run CS:GO" in the console now - if you do, do it - if you don't, contact me on Discord (Pean#7248).

8. Use the keybinds to activate/deactivate features and enjoy.

Always run cheat first and after you see Run CS:GO, then run the game.

You can edit the config file in text editor (example: https://legitex.net/config.txt/) to customize it even more!
You have to restart the hack for changes to take effect.
You can find user configs in Settings section

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