Top grade client

Bilbo Baggins

Sep 28, 2016
I have been using this client for over a year and i have been extremely impressed by its features, customization, and security. Pean has done a wonderful job with rebuilding the client, even when the client was offline for a time, the work put in was well worth the wait and the reimbursement time was highly appreciated! Any bugs in the past have been fixed and i'm pleased to see dedication to working with the community that Pean has created and looked after for. Now onto the features:

Wall Hack - 10/10 - The customization is top notch. Love the glow only on sound made!

No Flash - 10/10 - Excellent to use a bit so you don't run into wall and end up dying.

Radar - 10/10 - Reliable and effective depending on your radar map in-game.

Triggerbot - 10/10 - Has always worked well in all previous client versions! Just don't be an idiot with it -_-

Sound - 10/10 - Haven't used it too much but i have yet to find any faults in it.

Recoil - 11/10 - The new recoil system is much better than previous version where it would cause an aim punch like event. Adding the update time feature has vastly improved its use.

Silent Mode - 10/10 - A bit too overpowered for my taste but if you use then you will feel like boss.

Face-it mode - 10/10 - No longer playing face-it but used it to reach master league at one point.

Aim - 11/10 - By far the best aim system i have used. Old clients and present client. Offers extensive customization.

Skin Changer - 9/10 - Functions well, has improved over time and the added skins to knife is impressive

While setting up and learning the tools given can take time. It is worth it 100%

You will not be disappointed by this client. If you are, you are most likely the one that messed up.
Thank you ,Pean, for providing a flexible and durable client.
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