The dynamic target selector for the aimbot is amazing


New Member
Sep 2, 2018
Usually most cheats allow you to customize which bone you want the aimbot to lock on to, and this cheat does that, but most other cheats have a dynamic option where it will go to the nearest bone to your crosshair. This aimbot however has a dynamic target selector and is amazing. For most other aimbots you just have to set it to the neck and hope sometimes you get a headshot and sometimes you don't to make it look legit, but that's unpredictable and can result in you dying often. This aimbot though has an option to where it will chose the bone for you depending on what gun you have and the enemy's health. For example if the enemy is at like 2 hp and your teammates call it out, and you aim for the head anyway that's suspicious. Also having a 100% headshot percentage is suspicious too. But if your enemy is at 2 hp and you're using the dynamic target selector the aimbot will aim at the stomach and kill them that way. If they're at 100HP and you have an AK then it will aim at the head. I have never seen this in a cheat before and it's pretty cool.