Testimonial after 2 years


Apr 13, 2017
Dutch - Jamaica
Usability / Functionality - 9/10
The injection process is very simple, I love that you can inject with CS:GO running or closed. You can have multiple configs for the cheat too and you can change mid-game if you wanna go for stronger or more subtle settings.

Features - 8/10
Aimbot / Triggerbot -
Clean aimbot, very good for legit play and have not yet had an overwatch ban while using it nor any other bans. Good customization out of the box, such as the ability for per weapon configuration.
The triggerbot is very easy to configure you can easily make a legit but very powerful triggerbot with ease. I don't often use it outside of the snipers though as I prefer to just use my own reaction time.

It works just like it should in every other cheat. I love that Legitex offers a visible only mode too for an external cheat. I think there is a bug to it where you can see enemies through smoke or you can stand in a smoke an easily grab info of the enemy's position (helps out in clutch situations).

I myself don't use a skin-changer since I have my own skins. If you want to buy the cheat to use the skin-changer too then I would not recommend since it is a bit glitchy sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn't. There is a workaround where you bind your skinchanger to a key a repeatedly press the bind till you're satisfied with the skin ;3

Support - 10/10
Always had good support from Pean and some of the active users cheat. It's unlikely you would need support as everything is spelled out to you from the start just freaking take the time to read and understand the cheat! but if you don't, Pean is one helpful motherf*****.

Summery / Showcase -
If you are looking for a cheat with a nice community this isn't your go-to place x). Mind me when I first got the cheat it took me about 6 months to get the right settings for my playstyle. I have been using the cheat ever since. I have tried other P2C but always came back to trustworthy Legitex.

The account I have been using the cheat on. The account is trade banned so I have nothing to lose essentially.
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