Really well made cheat for customizability


Aug 30, 2016
I'm long time user of LegitEx, been using it on-off since I don't really play CSGO that actively anymore... Recently I met new friends and been playing CSGO with them and I cam to realization that I have no review here... So here is the short one

Let's go over feature first (the most important one for hacks of course)

Aimbot - 10/10
I really like the aura system... If you don't know what aura system is, well search coz it seems simple but many people gets confused... Basically LegitEx draws a box around player according to your aura settings and if crosshair is within that box it will starts to aim... This is really good when you want a truly legit hack... I have made my LegitEx to start aiming only when my crosshair is either on the enemy or really close to it... This is so-called microadjustment... Which is more than enough for me...

Silent Aim - 9/10
This feature would get 10/10 if vischeck wouldn't be so slow... But nothing much can be done (discussed this with Pean many times), but for one tap with lots of opening and not doing quick peek this will land headshot 80% of times.

Trigger - 9/10
You can have adjust overshoot value and delay, but this is InCross trigger so it is not the best (slow and shoots at the edge of model) but it is more than enough for legit cheating... Missing some shots is fine... If you want to hit 100% of your trigger shot then get internal... Because for external there ris InCross trigger and Ray tracing trigger which are both still inferior to internal trigger (Ray tracing being a lot faster than InCross and have no distance problem but it will trigger when you're aiming at wallbangable wall and enemy is behind it... So additional vischeck is needed which in external is already slow...)

Glow - 10/10
Works as best as external hacks can... Color can be customized to anything with RGB coloring and it can be adjusted to show current health of enemy via coloring (green = a lot and red is almost dead)

NoRecoil - 10/10
As best as external hack can go... You can customize vertical and horizontal power, and update rate (which makes it either smoother or more accurate)

Skin - ?/10
Never used so don't know...

Customizability - 10/10
Ok, so the main selling point of LegitEx is probably it's customizability... While I've seen many people complain about how it is hard to make settings... I myself never had problem (even before visual setting maker existed) and I love how you can adjust majority of guns separately... You can have different horizontal aura, vertical aura, aimbot's smoothing, aimbot's update interval, aim key, silent bone, silent key and shit tons of other things for every relevant guns (Some Pistols, Shotguns, Some Heavy guns, SMGs and some rifle are grouped)

Now since we are all over features... let's talk about Pean and community...
Community is well kinda dead because all went to discord and I myself kinda stopped using it... But forum is mildly active...

Pean is really active, he is almost everyday online if not everyday and will assist you if you have any problem (You just need to catch him online, discord is best way), being lifetime member also grants few benefits (unlocked build and minor feature request which he can make it for you depending if he has time and whether the feature requires a lot of t ime or not)

All in all I recommend LegitEx for those who really want legit cheat, this cheat might not win HvH but this cheat will let you get report 24/7 while OW will not banhammer you (depending on how you use it of course)

PS. if someone was wondering, there was 1 ban wave that affected 40 - 60% of user base around november 2016(?) at the time of writing which is 17.04.2018


Active Member
Oct 19, 2016
I never got hit with the wave that happened in 2016! Been using cheat for over two years on and off mayeb even longer cant remember but never no vac! Very good cheat