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Pean's LegitEx: CS:GO

Discussion in 'Available Cheats' started by Yuyu, Mar 22, 2016.

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  1. Yuyu

    Yuyu Guest

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    1 Week Subscription: 4€ (16€ / month)
    1 Month Subscription: 11€ (11€ / month)
    2 Months Subscription: 21€ (10.5€ / month)
    3 Months Subscription: 30€ (10€ / month)
    6 Months Subscription: 48€ (8€ / month)
    Lifetime Subscription: 90€


    Purchases with skins are done through Discord: Pean#7248 or Skype: legitex

    Reviews (we don't delete reviews from the section nor modify them)

    The LegitEx client runs with minimal resources using C++17, you can use it on low-end PCs without FPS loss.

    LegitEx is private external cheat with fullscreen support. Every user receives fully unique file via the LegitEx server to avoid VAC bans. You do not need to follow any complicated process neither to load the hack from different drives. Just run the exe whenever you want and have fun [​IMG]. We have one of the friendliest communities out there, fast support and DISCORD channel.

    Every user receives completely unique file via the LegitEx server, all features are safe for:
    FaceIt serverside - every feature supported

    Other server-side anticheats (Kickback etc..)
    CEVO - without visuals

    LegitEx has panic key, silent load, SoundESP that can execute custom CSGO commands and plenty more LAN features. Time based builds are HWID locked so you can only use them on your own PC. Lifetime users get fully unlocked files that allow them to hack at LANs. LegitEx does not show any traces of internet connection.

    You can find all the features in more detail HERE
    You can see everything you can customize HERE

    Aimbot / AimAssist
    Skin and knife changer
    Recoil Control System (RCS)
    Silent aim
    Flick bot

    Panic key
    and many more...

    Payment options: PayPal, Skrill, PaySafeCard (through Skrill), BitCoin, Steam wallet (10% overpay)

    Discord: Pean#7248
    Skype: legitex
    Website: https://www.legitex.net/


    FaceIt footage
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