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onetwothree's review (1 week sub)

Discussion in 'Testimonial' started by onetwothree, Oct 13, 2016.

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  1. onetwothree

    onetwothree New Member

    Oct 8, 2016
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    If you're looking at this then you're either someone still deciding to buy subscription or moderator looking to post "nice review"(joke :p). If you need legit cheat for playing matchmaking and some faceit/cevo then you're in the right place. If you're looking to even rage a tiny bit - you're in worst place possible.

    Let me go over a few features I could think of:​


    I literally grabbed one random config from forums and tested it. Checked demo and everything was clean.
    Feature wise it might not be the most customizable but it looks and feels good. I can't really explain how and why but it feels really reliable and I trust that it won't shake and stuff like it could in other cheats. I've customized config to my own settings a bit and nobody has called me out yet.
    I guess you could call it "good for legit".


    I don't like using visuals on cheats. Even if it's visible only and stuff, I don't trust myself that I won't fuck up. Better safe than sorry. AFAIK we have low amount of options for visuals - glow esp and render mod(chams for external, dope feature). I can't really talk about stuff I don't use so I'll end here.


    Also not a big fan of this feature but I use it once in a while. It has quite a bit of customizability and works good.
    Wait for pistol recoil is a solid bonus and haven't seen it anywhere else. (probably some other cheats have it too but yeah)

    Sound ESP

    Loving this feature so far. Make it on hold key and just turn around and if you hear the beep you know where someone is. RIP overwatch, there is no need for you anymore. Even such a simple feature is quite customizable - radius, beep frequency and duration, set it on hold key if needed.


    Works good, fun little feature. I think it doesn't work in faceit, might be wrong though. I only use it on casual or deathmatch though, I'm paranoid against overwatch.


    I only tried FaceIT and worked fine. I think every single feature except for bhop works on faceit so that's cool. Didn't get banned, nothing more to add. :D


    Okay, if you're a fan of fancy menus and stuff - you will be disappointed. All you've got is a simple console with feature status. You can enable "Silent Load" and then you wont even get console. Great if you are with someone else in room(e.g. lan or friend comes over). This type of console really reminds me of mpgh free cheats, has that vibe to it. This kinda shows that it's not all about the looks, haha.


    Hands down best pay2cheat community available on internet. You won't be able to find friendlier guys than on this site. Everyone in shoutbox is friendly, helping out each other if someone has a problem. You can find answers to everything you need quite quick.
    Staff is top notch too. I've been with aimjunkies(they advertise themselves as being friendliest and stuff) a while ago and they had kinda friendly staff but it was kinda fake. They might post some nice comments and be polite but in reality they won't help you outside forums. Here - even the goddamn coder/owner himself is socializing and helping out people. You don't see that often. I've got a really good impression to be honest.


    I got myself 4 euro sub for a week and I'll make sure to renew subscription after it ends for sure.
    Just think about it, atm the cheat is 12e a month and 100e lifetime. It's undetected on faceit/cevo/smac etc... and has survived all these recent VAC waves. You really don't have to think twice to get a slotted cheat so cheap. Of course none of cheats are undetected lifetime. You'll get f**ck'd sooner or later but I think this cheat will have my back for a while.


    TL;DR - good cheat that bypasses quite a few leagues for a price that's hard to turn down + good community
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  2. Pean

    Pean Coder
    Staff Member Admin

    Mar 22, 2016
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    i don't personally think you will ever "get fucked" by VAC :) bigger chances are csgo will become unpopular :D
  3. TexorX

    TexorX Moderator
    Staff Member Moderator

    Apr 27, 2016
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    thanks for your review!
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