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My review after 1 day

Discussion in 'Testimonial' started by whitetempter, Oct 13, 2016.

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  1. whitetempter

    whitetempter Member

    Oct 12, 2016
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    So i have been messing with this cheat this day, testing most but not everything.
    this will be my review of this cheat. i came to this cheat cuz all other big providers got hit, and yes VAC got me 2. :(
    first of all i have to say that this community is awesome! super friendly helpfull and just good.

    It was hard at first to get some good settings cuz u cant just copy paste, everyone has a different playstyle and some settings work good and some not. I really like that this is faceit proof and i can understand why. ITS UBER LEGIT.

    I always was a big fan of the rcs on most of the cheats, but with this hack i really dont like using it. dont get me wrong but it works like it has to work, but it feels weird now after playing a bit legit. i have it off but i have tested it and it worked good.

    Cuz its external, you cant really do much with the esp. It is just a simple glow. i personally dont think this esp is clean. prob cuz its external ^^ the only thing that is annoying me is that when you want to get it filled it looks really bugged. it is really fat then and it doesnt give a look of a character. could maybe still improve

    -Sound esp
    Well it worked good, ez to use and yea nothing to say anything about it extually

    Bhop works good, missed maybe 1 time in like 3 hours playing. i always have faceit mode on so i cant really use it anymore. but im going to make a config only for MM(stronk settings, or rage :D)

    nice triggerbot, faceitmode 1 automatically gives you a delay, by flickshots. im using it moslty with pistols and aimbot seperate aimkey(since i use mouse1)

    It worked for me in a custom game, but it didnt worked in Casual or MM for me. but i never use it. so idc

    So yea that's it!
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  2. TexorX

    TexorX Moderator
    Staff Member Moderator

    Apr 27, 2016
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    Thanks for your review!
    Keep in mind it's a legit cheat not a rage cheat.
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