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Apr 19, 2017
Hello there. I will not be speechless bc im russian and i dont know english as well (want to improve my skills). Im trying to texting without any translate services. Lets start.
I joined to legitex club in 2017, around year ago, i wanted a good hack for tournament and i found it here.
But the Rock plays a game and after winning on the champ, had to go army:D
And the year went away.
But i returned to the real live, and wanted to play some good games, surely with cheap and safe hack, and of course i came to this forum. When i knew that is not old hack, i was disappointed. But i tried and there is a review. I used only 30% of the possibility of this cheat, but ill try to explain what i faced.
Pros and cons.
- Hard to configure settings. U need a lot of time to find your comfortable options.
- RCS just not good as need, that is problem for newbies, not for good players.
+ Good customization of the hack, there is a lot of options to choose your best.
+ Pretty simple editor.
+ Aimbot is good
+++ SILENT LOAD. One of the best thing can have a cheat.
+ Radar. Works, here is nothing to add.
+ No FPS drops (low end pc).
There are no fucking miners or something like shitty worms. Like a Tristan have.
Visuals, silent aim, no flash, skinchanger, triggerbot and other shits i didnt use. Just because it is blatant as hell.
Aimbot 8/10
RCS 5/10
Radar 10/10
Customization for externals hacks 10/10
Customization 8/10
Tournament stealth 10/10
Price 10/10
Support 10/10

All what i wrote above is only my mind and were used by me.

Russian recommend this REAL thing
I used a lot of popular hacks. Here is price lower than quality, i am glad to use it
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