7/7/2018 CSGO Panorama update


Staff member
Mar 22, 2016
CSGO just released a major update and LegitEx needs to be updated. You can now use the command line option "-panorama" to enable CSGO Panorama mode. Since the option makes a big difference in how CSGO works, I have to separate this LegitEx update into two steps (basic CSGO and then the "new" one). Here is update status:

Basic CSGO (without "-panorama")
Status: Updated (all features working after you download LegitEx update)
How to update:
1. Download data file from https://legitex.net/data (the file should automatically download as soon as you click this link. If it doesn't download, right-click the link and select Save as... and save it as "data" without any extension)
2. Open the folder that has LegitEx in it and replace the old data file with the one you downloaded
3. Done, everything should work, message me on Discord if you have problems

New CSGO (with "-panorama")
Status: Updated
Panorama mode is now working but it requires new LegitEx exe file. Since it is in a testing phase (both CSGO and LegitEx), I am also making it opt-in. That means by default, it is safer waiting with this until both are fully released, however, if you feel like trying it, message me on Skype/Discord and I will hook you up with a file. If you are new customer, your file already fully supports Panorama mode.

How to update:

1. Read the above notice
2. Message me on Discord or Skype