7/12/2018 Battle Royale update


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Mar 22, 2016
CSGO came out with free to play update including brand new Battle Royale mode. This was probably one of the biggest updates since CZ75 came out (if anyone remembers), which means the cheat had to be changed not only because of offsets but also because of how the new game mode works. The update is really simple for everyone though:

1. Delete your legitex.exe file and data file (keep only config in folder)
2. Download a new file from LegitEx server (click on Download cheat button)
----If the download fails with Server overloaded error, message me on Skype/Discord
3. Put exe in the same folder where your config is and you are good to go (data file will be generated upon launch)
4. Read changelog below

Removed "block filescan" option (now automatically enabled)
Added Battle Royale mode instead of "block filescan" option -> you can rename the option in your config from "block filescan" to "regular csgo", the text does not matter, only the value does. "regular csgo = 1" makes the cheat work for regular servers (as you know it), "regular csgo = 0" makes the cheat work on Battle Royale modes (it enables friendly fire and other options - you can use it on deathmatch servers where FF is enabled).

If renaming the option seems complicated to you just look at the bottom of https://legitex.net/config.txt config to see how it should look :)
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