29/04/2021 update

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Mar 22, 2016
as a result of some of the recent CSGO updates, LegitEx exe needs to be updated.

Since a new exe is needed, I have also decided to do a small LegitEx feature update, here is changelog:

+ Fixed skinchanger to apply skins consistently (knife changer does not work on custom maps)
+ Fixed bhop to do perfect jumps that look legit on a server-sided anticheat

+ Fixed Windows API bug that was introduced in Windows 2004 and higher. This bug makes the cheat run approximately 14x slower compared to previous Windows version and should be present in almost all external cheats available. By fixing this bug, the LegitEx exe now runs much faster, so you might need to reset your config to default one (https://legitex.net/config.txt) if the current one becomes too fast.

How to update:
1. Download new LegitEx exe from https://legitex.net/download, if you see something like Error: server overloaded when you try to download, message me on Discord to fix it
2. Delete old LegitEx exe and old data file in the cheat folder
3. Run new exe, it should create its own data file and cheat should work fine after

Optionally, redownload default config if aim is too fast now.
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