26/10/2017 LegitEx Rework


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Mar 22, 2016
I was finally able to finish the LegitEx rework. You will be slowly allowed to download it from LegitEx server. If you get Error1: Please contact admin it means that the server ran out of unique files and you need to wait for me to generate some more. This might happen more often first few days since many people will download.


1. Completely rewrote LegitEx from scratch using new skills learned at uni past year, using some of the C++14/C++17 features and so on. This brings the following:

a) Faster CSGO memory scanning and attaching (attaching to CSGO should now last 2 seconds (from old 30 seconds) at max, if you are stuck at Run CSGO you are most likely missing access rights - run as admin)

b) Less RAM usage and less CPU usage - on my i7 2.6GHz notebook less than 0.1% CPU usage on average, 1 MB of RAM.

c) Less system calls, more responsive features - since the amount of system calls was greatly reduced again, most of the features that relied on fast CSGO access work way better (mainly silent aim and skin changer).

d) Many more small improvements and security things that I cannot really disclose for increased security.

2. Fixed pretty much any bug you could find in the old LegitEx, specially:

a) Skin changer should reliably apply skins upon gun purchase, setting the skins with skin key should work in 98% of cases now without any trouble.

b) Knife changer should always have skin set if you have skins on other weapons, also it should work on all official maps reliably and on most unofficial maps as well.

c) Fixed ItemESP that was getting outdated with most bigger updates - now it should always autoupdate and work, also shouldn't crash the game anymore at rare circumstances.

d) And pretty much any other bug you could find in the old LegitEx

3. Added back some nice to have old features as well as few new ones:

a) FaceIt mode now bypasses the serverside anticheat for all features including Silent aim (mode 2).
b) FaceIt mode bunnyhop can be used on spacebar.
c) Aim has two factor smoothing so you can have both regular LegitEx aim as well as non sticky aim if set up properly.
d) Added back bullet start to Aim.
e) Added adrenaline rush which forces the bone to head if your health is below this threshold.
f) Added back all the customization to GlowESP - color, thickness etc etc...
g) Added new mode into GlowESP which only shows enemies that make noise (run/jump/shoot) for more legit usage of wallhack. Also scales the glow outline with how much noise they make.
h) Added new mode for SoundESP which beeps when enemy is close to you, old mode is still there.
i) SoundESP beeping speed is now based on how far away the enemy is from you.
j) SoundESP can be custom-scripted using the key spam option to show on keyboard LED lights (caps lock, scroll lock, num lock etc..) or trigger in game commands instead of beeping
k) Added panic key that disables all features and only way to re-enable them is to open chat window or CSGO menu and press insert and then within 2 seconds type l->g->x (mostly for LANs)
l) Added self protect on the file during runtime - the file cannot be moved, deleted, renamed or read while the client is running - you can optionally disable this if it's causing some sort of problems.
m) Added multiple configuration file support - if config.txt doesn't exist in the same directory as client, you will be prompted for configuration file - you can specify relative or absolute path. To go direction above you can use ../configname and you can also go in depth for example folder/configname
n) Got rid of offset file and instead used binary streamed data file that cannot be modified and it should be easier to use along
o) Added option to create and edit configurations file through website: https://legitex.net/config/ written by @alohaxyz

There might be more but I don't remember everything.

Now all that has to be done is delete all old config files so people don't get confused and update all tutorials.