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    Still alive checking by time to time !

    Still alive checking by time to time !
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    Face it now requires anti cheat be downloaded?

    You only need to use anticheat if you get "Client-Forced" this can happen if you get reported many times in a short amount of time, or if your stats are insane (ex: average K/D of 2.9) With some friends we tested a bypass, that allowed us to play hard 2 matches every 24 hrs without getting...
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    Merry Christmas !

    I just wanted to wish Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New Year.
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    Add me:
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    decent players only....
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    christmas sale

    probably not prices are already cheap
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    Hello guys, since I recently found some time to play I decided to get back at one of my old projects, a faceit legends team. As I got no time to waste I'm looking only for the elite of our community. Here are some requirements: Level 10 faceit Brain & gamesense Legit account Game experience...
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    [CSGO-UPDATE] Release Notes for 10/28/2016

    // UPDATE 28.10.2016
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    LegitEx TeamSpeak Server [CLOSED]

    working for me doe. Try to restart modem so dns updates.
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    [CSGO-UPDATE] Release Notes for 10/28/2016

    [MISC] – In-game friends requests will show no more than 4 friend requests, sorted by Steam profile level. – Fixed a case when users could fail to reconnect to a competitive match after restarting their game while experiencing issues logging in to Steam. – Max Acceptable Matchmaking Ping setting...
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    Just purchased!!

    welcome to the club
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    Cheating at LAN

    Silent inject, bat autorun, play with sound esp, if you get caught say it was your brother :D
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    Hardcore carry on faceit [HOW TO GET BANNED]

    I've always used walls this is just experiment to see how far I can push it
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    [ALERT] Valve locking low digits accs cause of Hours Boost

    // 19/10/2016 Valve locked many low digits accounts that were getting hours boosted with idle scripts. // 20/10/2016 In order to unlock those accounts they require to provide HL1 Pack Key most of the time. Conclusion: DON'T USE HOURS BOOST SCRIPTS ATM OR GET YOUR ACCOUNTS BOOSTED BY SOMEONE.
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    onetwothree's review (1 week sub)

    thanks for your review!
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    Why u cheat ??

    idk I would say money ?
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    The legit user would win cause league cheat user gets banned mid games :D
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    My review after 1 day

    Thanks for your review! Keep in mind it's a legit cheat not a rage cheat.
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    Thanks for review !