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  1. Nicktendo13


    Unity was leaked, as well as Platinum cheats from what I recall. Subroza is confirmed to be on UC with an account and probably wont be using a public p2c lol.
  2. Nicktendo13

    Faceit Mode

    NP dude. It feels alot more legit in MM than a non-faceit config. I feel the aim assist looks more human to spectators and such when faceit mode is enabled.
  3. Nicktendo13

    Faceit Mode

    It should disable bunnyhop and should force the recoil and aim assist to go to the faceit mode - always have this enabled when playing faceit. Essentially making the cheat safe for faceit.
  4. Nicktendo13

    My Faceit master league 4v1 clutch

    Playaplaya, this was pre-update. Things have changed - his settings might not be the same as before.
  5. Nicktendo13

    Some questions.

    Not at this time, no.
  6. Nicktendo13

    NEW Discord channel

  7. Nicktendo13

    Aimbot question

    Wezbrah, turn on faceit mode, have a high smooth value for pitch and yaw (20+) and try to aim for them first, then hit the key - i suggest mouse 4 or 5 if you have it since you can easily toggle on or off should you need assistance.
  8. Nicktendo13

    BAN Wave

    Nope, no bans on my 3 acc, all are working fine and ready to roll