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  1. Azileo

    New Settings Aimbotz Test

    A little video i made before my sub ran out too see how legit the aim looked.
  2. Azileo

    I love this cheat <3

    Thanks bro :) I have a update for the settings i still have released if you wanna try them just message me
  3. Azileo

    LegitEx 1 Week Review

    Very good review :)
  4. Azileo

    Azileo is making settings again (I need your input)

    Check them out bois
  5. Azileo

    Azileo is making settings again (I need your input)
  6. Azileo

    Azileo is making settings again (I need your input)
  7. Azileo

    hello how to use and launch legitex

    There is no menu.. you edit your aimbot settings via the config file in your cheats folder
  8. Azileo

    Really Good

    Good review maybe post your config :)
  9. Azileo

    When was the latest vac detection?

    Only like %30 of users were actually vacced in novemeber 2016 and that is the only vac detection legitex has ever had, i never got vacced in 2016 novemeber because I was lucky :)
  10. Azileo

    Azileo is making settings again (I need your input)

    Hey legitex users, i am currently creating very legit settings for good players, low aura high smooth etc. Everything is going good so far I have recorded my games and also watched my demos (128tick demos) and everything looks insanly legit, bare in mind with these settings you will still need...
  11. Azileo

    Really well made cheat for customizability

    I never got hit with the wave that happened in 2016! Been using cheat for over two years on and off mayeb even longer cant remember but never no vac! Very good cheat
  12. Azileo

    check key please

    check key please
  13. Azileo

    Big cheats detected

    A few major cheats like platinum have been detected has legitex been detected or we still gucci?
  14. Azileo

    Before buying again

    No i mean like Example 1 fov +Rougly 60 aura, Whats the closest aura to 1 fov
  15. Azileo

    Before buying again

    What it is 1fov in the aura the reason I left was cos I could never find a sweet fov with the new builds but I liked the features
  16. Azileo

    Nice legit 1vs5 turn over round

  17. Azileo


    Bitdefender said my file was a virus i sent it off for further analysis and no longer triggers false positive
  18. Azileo

    Selling BTC

    No I have bitcoin I just thought pean still wanted to buy with PayPal, Since he is trusted i didn't mind selling because I knew I would have made quite abit of money
  19. Azileo

    Selling BTC

    I can purchase bitcoin and If I know I am going to make a decent amount of profit I do not mind buying it for the sole purpose of selling it.
  20. Azileo

    Selling BTC

    I seen a post about selling BITCOIN, I was just wondering what rates people are willing to pay?