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    LegitEx Discord UPDATED!

    Discord for ever
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    I love legitex with these settings <3

    settings? XD
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    FaceIt Silent Aim

    yep the face-it aimbot needs curled lines because face-it can detect straigt lines
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    Review After 2 Weeks with LegitEx

    nice review :)
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    nice review
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    hexui detected

    just weird that only some standard users got hit then
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    hexui detected

    they do unique but only 93-95% i think it is thats the reason someone didn't get hit i guess the persons who got banned deffiiently almost have same build and stuff i guess srry for my broken english
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    hexui detected

    U was exclusive customer?
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    my new edit for editing contest

    nice love it <3
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    review for about a year of use

    haha :P :D
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    review for about a year of use

    i almost only play MM :) Triggerbot 10/10 The triggerbot is really great i have used it alot and it almost hit 100% it almost never missed for me, when i learned to play with it. And i like all the features there comes with the triggerbot like scope check, random delays, and wait for pistol...
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    Very Skilled Run Shooting Ace

    LOL er du dansk?
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    2 sick ace's!

    Pls keep it good
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    2 sick ace's!

    relax <3 keep it good <3
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    2 sick ace's!

    Nice nice
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    Some of my edits

    Cool nice edit
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    Most Legit Hack Out! WATCH THIS PLAY

    Nice play
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    Most Legit Hack Out! WATCH THIS PLAY

    Are you from Denmark?