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    Thank you Legitex

    Thanks for using LegitEx!
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    Veteran Hacker this is the best yet

    Thanks for your review! Keep a heads up for the new rework coming!
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    Thanks for the very short review!
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    LAN Questions

    Solved //closed
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    About PVPRO

    Solved //closed
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    GlowESP In Fullscreen?

    Solved //closed
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    LegitEx Discord UPDATED!

    Hi guys it's Ian. The Official LegitEx Discord has now been fully updated and reworked - go check it out! It comes with brand new channels, features, updates and more! I am currently managing it so if you need any help please do message me on Discord. What is DISCORD? Discord is all-in-one...
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    CSGO updates

    The discord also has announcements on updates and news :D
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    Record my games

    solved //closed
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    lifetime subscription

    yes, thats pretty much it
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    lifetime subscription

    It isn't locked if you get the lifetime builds from Pean (skype), but if you download from the website there will an HWID lock. The builds that you get from pean can be used on any pc. The website build can't (unless you ask for another key when your on that pc).
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    EAC Support?

    solved //closed
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    Ian's Testimonial

    Hey visitors, after almost of full year of using LegitEx, I have finally decided to make my testimonial on this cheat. ALSO keep in mind that this is my opinion. Other than that thanks for reading :) Aimbot: 8/10 The aimbot works flawlessly on this cheat. With good settings and crosshair...
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    CSGO updates

    If you are paranoid about detection when testing the cheat after an update then you can input -insecure in the CSGO launch options to disable VAC when your testing offline. Besides that the cheat usually autoupdates anyways.
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    answered //closed