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Pean's LegitEx: CS:GO

Discussion in 'Available Cheats' started by Yuyu, Mar 22, 2016.

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  1. Yuyu

    Yuyu Guest

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    1 Week Subscription: 4€ (16€ / month)
    1 Month Subscription: 11€ (11€ / month)
    2 Months Subscription: 21€ (10.5€ / month)
    3 Months Subscription: 30€ (10€ / month)
    6 Months Subscription: 48€ (8€ / month)
    Lifetime Subscription: 90€

    Purchases with skins are done through Skype: legitex

    Reviews (we don't delete reviews from the section nor modify them)

    The LegitEx client runs with minimal resources using C++14, you can use it on low-end PCs without FPS loss.

    LegitEx is private external cheat with fullscreen support for Windows Vista and higher OS. Every user receives fully unique file via the LegitEx server to avoid VAC detections. You do not need to clean USN journal neither to load the hack from different drives. Just run the exe whenever you want and have fun [​IMG]. We have one of the friendliest communities out there, fast support, DISCORD channel, steam group so that you can have fun with other members. Our website is running on top-notch TLS 1.2 (secured connection).

    Every user receives completely unique file via the LegitEx server (different memory pattern and assembly instructions)
    FaceIt serverside - full aim/trigger/bhop support

    Other server-side anticheats (Kickback etc..)

    LegitEx has Silent load option. Time based builds are HWID locked so you can only use them on your own PC. Lifetime users get fully unlocked files that allow them to hack at LANs. LegitEx does not show any traces of internet connection.

    GlowESP - Very informative ESP, outlines enemies, friends and other objects, does not overload CPU
    • Health Glow - Enemy glow color is based off their health
    • Item Glow - Glow every object in game, this includes bomb, weapons, grenades, chicken with custom colors
    • Target Glow - Highlight enemy player that is focused by aim system
    • Defuse Glow - Glow enemy player if he is defusing (2 colors for defuse kit and no defuse kit)
    • Health Fill - When damaging enemy, his model will fill with red based on his health
    • Visibility Check - Spottedbymask visibility color change or visible only Glow (chams)
    • Color Fill - Fills the object with color, instead of just outlining it
    Radar - Shows enemies on in-game radar, never look into walls for enemies again and avoid Overwatch easily

    - One of the most legit aim systems made, full FaceIt serverside support, fully customisable, can be semi-rage if you want
    • Custom weapon groups (every gun can have completely different settings and even different aimkey)
    • Visibility check
    • Aura (way better than using FOV to select target, works the same even in spray and is distance based - works great up close and far)
    • Custom smoothing
    • Random angle distribution
    • Dynamic bones based on many factors (weapon, health of enemy and you) or you can set a bone yourself
    • Silent aim with custom bone, FOV and optional key invisible on POV demos
    • InstaFlick (second silent mode that allows instant flick kills)
    • Full FaceIt support
    • Can simulate mouse movement at customized mouse speed and smoothing (two factor smoothing)
    • inAir checks (optional)
    • Start and End bullet of aimbot (optional)
    Triggerbot - 2 modes (InCross, bone-based), FaceIt support
    • Triggerbot holdkey/permatoggle
    • Triggerbot delay - If enabled, will wait before shooting
    • Triggerbot overshoot - Overshoots for rifles, secures kills on body shots, you set the length, amazing even with CZ75-Auto, also uses RCS if enabled
    • Random delays - Automatically randomizes triggerbot delay and triggerbot burst time to avoid FaceIt, SMAC and other server-side anticheats
    • Scope checks
    • inAir checks
    Recoil Control System (RCS) - Makes automatic guns accurate, connects with triggerbot burst
    • One-tap support - If you one tap, RCS will not move your crosshair unlike some other hacks
    • Perfect RCS - Will make the gun as accurate as possible
    • Randomized RCS pattern - If enabled, will randomize the RCS pattern and make it little bit less accurate to avoid FaceIt, SMAC and other server-side anticheats
    • Recoil power (NoVisual recoil, etc)
    Skin changer - change the look of your weapon and knives
    • Any skin combinations including non-existing ones
    NoFlash - Allows you to fully modify blind effects of flash grenade
    • Holdkey or toggle
    • Values 0-255 - Customize the blind effect, 0 = NoFlash / 255 = Full flash, recommended value is 100-200 because you can still see and you know if you are flashed or not
    BunnyHop - Jump fast
    • Using WMP or keybord simulation, can be bound to space, FaceIt support
    SoundESP - For LANs and CEVO mostly, beeps when enemy is in certain angle
    • Custom angles, beep frequency and time
    • FOV or distance based FOV
    Knife changer - Change your knife model

    Misc - Other stuff
    • Silent load (for LANs)
    • CPU optimizations
    • Sound notifications
    • Reload system (allows the hack to run 24/7 and reattach to csgo, for LANs)
    • FaceIt mode (adjusts the cheat so that you can play on different platforms)
    Payment options: PayPal, Skrill, PaySafeCard (through Skrill), Western Union, Steam wallet, Skins (10% overpay)

    Skype: legitex
    Website: https://www.legitex.net/


    FaceIt footage
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