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    Really well made cheat for customizability Please do not use if there has been major update in legitex (This is working as of 15.06.2018)
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    Does this hack still working now?I need buy

    You buy and then go to download cheat? >.>
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    Really well made cheat for customizability

    I'm long time user of LegitEx, been using it on-off since I don't really play CSGO that actively anymore... Recently I met new friends and been playing CSGO with them and I cam to realization that I have no review here... So here is the short one Let's go over feature first (the most important...
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    No he did not. The antivirus is deleting the file, @Pean has nothing to do anything with it... Disable or uninstall the antivirus
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    What anti-virus you're using? and perhaps disable it? or add exception? It shouldn't trigger anything though... Avasts scans it but thats about it..
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    Wierd movement glitch/bug?

    hmm its definately not aim that is doing that... Try to kill bots without norecoil and aim, record and demo. Check those demos if there are any glitch like that...
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    Veteran Hacker this is the best yet

    If you were using it last 3 months then I can tell you that you haven't seen anything yet.... Ever since last year's november or was it december rework the cheat has been only "okay-ish" compared to version before rework... At the moment we can't customize nearly as much as we used to be able...
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    lifetime subscription

    just to clarify, you can always request for hwid reset or new key that will work on the new computer (pean will just nullify the old key when you request the new key).... we dont have any restriction on hwid reset, but keep in mind that pean needs to be manually giving them and only he can do it
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    Is the cheat now safe to reinvest into?

    He probably meant changes security wise... but yea I do agree with @Pean, if you only want radar and glow then it is best to just code yourself (there are tons of guide around) and you could just use frk1's hazedumper as source of reliable offset (all offset needed for glow and radar is publicly...
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    Report bot anyone?

    Keep this civilized please... we are on hacking forum... no need to go speak about morals or ethical stuff when we broke it already...
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    Its been some time...

    I would recommend you waiting for the next major update though... (no offense @Pean) since current version is missing quite a lot of fine tuning... unless of course you don't need those fine tunings, then just use it and play. So far that I've played around the current version silent aim seems...
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    How it work Above link's is thread that discussed about the usage and difference between FOV and Aura... Look for my post somewhere in that thread, it has screenshot with square drawn on model to illustrate how Aura works
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    At the moment (reworking on process), it is not implemented yet
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    Not at the moment (if you're talking about AC client)
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    any chance of a linux release

    Depends how you define broken, with UC forum's member's analysis it seems to have VAC2 resembling functions, so basic signature scan and blocking few of the hook option (like jump hook). Cheating CS:GO from linux have quite a lot of advantage, first being that the anti-cheat isn't being...
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    any chance of a linux release

    Not correct on that VAC doesn't run, it does run but with a really old version... basically barely any detection
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    FaceIt Client

    dont take this wrong but @Pean hasn't promised or said anything regarding faceit new anti-cheat client... he said he will look into it, but did not say/promise that legitEX will be undetected by it so... don't get your hope up and blame him for it
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    FaceIt Client
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    ETA on legitex 2.0?

    No eta, @Pean has said that if everything goes well we can hope for it around early - mid february... but like he said himself if EVERYTHING goes well on his own part
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    How safe is silent aim.

    silent aim feature wise is working perfectly for me (can't say anything for other since some has reported untrust), but if you have high fov it will be quite obvious (like always with silent aim) and about anti-untrust features you need pean for the answer