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New Profile Posts

  1. onceacheater1
    Hello my lovely friends, happy hacking with no vac.
  2. Kubaaaaaaa
    Kubaaaaaaa Pean
    Hi, I just wanted to ask, do u maybe know what is needed to evade faceit ban from previous account?
    1. Pean
      if it was server side ban (not from client) then you just have to reinstall csgo to delete the hidden ban files. if you were client banned you might be hwid banned (no idea if they do it) and if they do, your best bet would be finding out what they look at for hwid and buy replacement part
      Jan 31, 2018
    2. Kubaaaaaaa
      I got banned before client even existed. So if I reinstall csgo folder I should be ok ?
      Jan 31, 2018
    3. Pean
      Yes, but make sure you cleaned all files (either install to another location or just look manually that it deleted all the game files)
      Jan 31, 2018
  3. Cheatercsmachine
    I like cheats mi
  4. qkhooks
    qkhooks Pean
    hi ,i am 786889976@qq.com skype
  5. cockyapple
    I like them big and fake. ~Me talking about Christmas trees
  6. cockyapple
    Wrapping these baby carrots in Tootsie Roll wrappers is exhausting but the payoff will be worth it come Halloween
  7. ayylinuz
    best cheat i ever had lolz
  8. MrSaro
    MrSaro L3g1tPvP
    Hi, deine Settings sind ziemlich gut, aber ich habe den Smooth bei der M4 und der Ak mal etwas höher gemacht ^^.
  9. Frogerza
    Frogerza Pean
    hello please accept me on skype, or something i have alot of questions please :))
  10. TexorX
    Still alive checking by time to time !
  11. vedorx
    vedorx Pean
    legitex dont work faceit;/ how to play?
  12. L3g1tPvP
    L3g1tPvP Azileo
    no sub anymore? lol
  13. Spectroman
    Spectroman Pean
    Hi, I post on the general forum, I have a big problem you can help me please :)
  14. lmg37
    English is so hard ... what...
  15. arli
    and taking into consideration the limited amount of text this thingy allows me to type makes me kinda sadd
  16. arli
    hi,im new here,,and typing this reminds me that i forgot to close the front door
  17. Jorge
    Jorge Pean
    when i try to download the client:
    This website is not available
  18. tryhardgoogle3
    tryhardgoogle3 Pean
    when i try to open the app i get this...

    This App can't run on your PC

    To find a version for your PC, check with the software publisher.
  19. orangebanana
  20. existasis
    existasis Pean
    Jesus Christ, there is a plethora of "key" posts here.
    Makes me feel a little less pushy for asking for it :3